Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Spooky Walk

This spooky walk took place on Thursday, August 18 at approximately 5 am. Lady decided to take both us dogs out at once because she was sore and tired and on day 2 of a migraine and she knew we wouldn't see a living soul at 5 am. She was glad to have us both with her.

We went out under the full moon.

It was misty.

We saw the eyes of our deer friends glowing in the field.

When we were about as far as we were going, 2 km (1.2 mi), we heard it. Yes, for the first time in the 4 years we have lived in the country we heard the the wolf. He let out one long howl. We all froze in place. We could tell he was a bit away. We turned and headed home.

In her head, Lady was thinking "I am now in a horror movie - full moon, misty, country road, alone." She was sure that a werewolf was going to jump out at any time. She decided if that happened she was sacrificing Hailey first, and Phod second. (2 km is a lot of time to imagine what you would do if a wolf or werewolf jumped out, even if you know that is not going to happen - the imagination can take hold).

Later that day, she told the story to some of her coworkers. She had an out of office meeting and when she returned, this was on her desk.

She laughed, but it did reminder her, werewolves exist (but maybe not in the scary form she imagined!)

We probably won't be commenting as much as usual the next few weeks. Lady said we will do our best to visit but she is really, really busy at work getting her clients ready for back to school.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Mischief Monday - The Beach Invader

Last week there was an invader on our beach. Don't worry, Hailey checked it out and kept us all safe!

"What is that?"

"Better be careful and check it on on this side . . . ."

"and this side."

"Maybe this is the angle to really check it out."

"I will give it a little growl so it knows I am the boss."

"Now I will get it. The beach is safer now that I got that dead leaf!"

Friday, August 19, 2016

Pawlympics - Freestyle Napping - Hosted by Hailey

Greetings Blogville - welcome to this very special event, held on a very special day, my Man's birthday! Cause my favourite thing to do with the Man is have a bed nap (that is what we call a weekend nap that takes place in the bed), I thought it was the best way to celebrate his special day.

Here are the fantastic entries for napping!

Up first is former Mayor Madi showing she has what it takes to be a gold winning napper. 

Sarge is in a great position to run in his sleep if he is dreaming of squirrels. 

She may be little in size but Chimera knows how to have a big nap!

Yang knows how to nap - take up the whole bed so people can't disrupt you! 

Mayoral candidate Christmas likes to cuddle during his nap.

Our current mayors, Murphy and Stanley, are no strangers to napping and have a team entry to our free style napping (it is free style, there are no rules!)

Dakota sure looks cozy under a blanket while he catches 40 winks. 

Tegan has nailed the couch nap - even a TV show isn't going to stop her from sleeping. 

Her brother Wyatt shows us all that pillows are not necessary for a good nap.

Being boxers is hard work and requires a good nap according to our pals Casey and Jessie. I hope they are having sweet dreams.



My sweet boyfriend Easy is napping and dreaming of me (and the two of us catching squirrels and destroying toys).  Isn't he handsome? Doesn't he look like he needs me to come and cuddle him?

This duo has got napping down. Way to go Lassie and Benji!

Want to make sure your people don't sneak out, take a page from Frankie's playbook and sleep on their shoes! 

Relaxed and letting it all hang out is our pal Ernie.

Molly and Mackie sleeping in the cool grass. 

Louis Dog Armstrong's nap has been hijacked by the pup-erotzi! (who can blame them, he is just so cute!)

Nothing is keeping Mr. Bailey from having a peaceful nap.

Maggie Mae  is using her dad as a pillow,

while Gussie also makes sure dad doesn't sleep alone.

From The Daily Bone our reports are catching a few zzzzzz.

Angel Joey


Next up we have Bentley

and Pierre showing us how they nap in the Bayou. 

Abby Lab has crashed out on her bed. Bet she is dreaming of the wonderful food her mom cooks.

Mayoral candidate Arty looks like he is out for the count. 

Working on her sideways dog is Princess Leah.

Riley, mayoral candiate Lexi's brother, has shared with us his favourite ways to nap.

Lady Shasta looks super sweet snuggling with her puppy pillow. 

All the way from Down Under, showing us they nap the same below the equator are Dui, Roxy and Bella.




More napping from the souther hemisphere as Jasper and Nellie join us.

Dad naps are the best! 
Sweet dreams to another cute napping pair Walter and Millie.

Momma's make the best pillows according to Dory.

All this napping is clearly contagious as Oreo

and Addi join us as well.

He has stopped bouncing to join us in our sleep, all the way from Scotland is Bertie.

Rounding out our participants is Astrid.

We have definitely seen some world class napping today. Please help us celebrate all this great napping, by napping! Participants, when you wake up, remember to take your medal and wear it proudly, you earned it!
Your host Hailey

And her brother Phod