Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hailey The Magnificent

First, did you see that Hailey won the 2016 Blogville Demolition Derby over at Oreo's?  Congratulations to all the participants for a great race!

One of the things we have been trying with our girl, is a little off leash training. We realize she isn't going to be a dog who can be off leash as much as Phod, her hunting drive is too strong. However, we believe she can have a little off leash time.

We have been picking times when she doesn't appear distracted by anything in the yard (aka not in hunting mode) and when the chances of deer/skunks/etc. appearing in our yard are lower (so mid day and not morning and evening).  We stay near by and have her drag a leash so we can step on it if hunting mode kicks in. It has been going well and she has been able to be off leash for 5 minutes or so with no incidents.

This makes us happy!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Mischief Monday - Having Emma Here - By Phod

Dear Blogville pals,

I am being a big sucky boy. I love my cousin Emma. She is fun to chase and I like to pee where she pees. But she does some things that make me sad.

First, she takes all my toys and says they are hers. She steals my Precious too.

Second, she is taking up my people. Look at these pictures taken in less than 36 hours.

She sat on the Lady's lap while she was working.

She sat on the Lady's lap while she was watching Netflix.

She sat on Lady's lap while she watched TV.

She sat on my spot on the couch, between my people while they watched TV.

She sat on Lady's shoulder while she was visiting your blogs.

I don't like sharing Emma with my people. They are my people and I wish I could sit on their laps. I love her but will be happy to see her leave next weekend.

A sad, sulky boy, who thinks he isn't getting any love, Zaphod

Saturday, September 24, 2016

She's Back

Guess who is staying with us for a week?

Yep, cousin Emma is here for a week! Be prepared for chaos! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Flower Friday - Summer Is Over

It may officially be autumn, but there are still a few wildflowers to sniff and pee on.

Thank you Dory for hosting Flower Friday!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Catch Up Thursday

Being friendly with the neighbour
We were away last week as Lady had a crazy work week. Business has picked up, so she will still be busy, but she thinks we can squeeze a little bit of blogging time in. We may not get to visit everyone every day or comment as much, but we are going to be around. We just missed you all too much!

Our week looked like this.

Sunday: Lady had a freak out when the friendly dog who wanders the neighbourhood was out and sniffing us. It was on our road by the house, so she called the Man to come and help. Turns out, she would have been fine without him, as we were all amazing.

Phod being friendly
Monday: Our first 4:30 am walk - we were not thrilled.

Tuesday: Our second 4:30 am walk - we loved listening to the owl hooting. The internet went out. 

Wednesday: Lady got stuck at work late on Tuesday and was so tired and wanted an extra 45 minutes sleep (meaning she didn't want to get up at 4:30 am) the Man walked us in the morning and the Lady walked us in the evening. It was fun. Still no internet, which made Lady mad as she had time to sit and visit some of our pals! 

Burr Tail
Thursday: We got to sleep in until 5:20! We got an extra big walk. Still no internet. 

Friday: Lady worked from home. It was great, but the internet guy came and when he was here we had to be in the garage. We didn't like a stranger in our house. Lady says he may be her favourite person as he finally fixed the internet. Phody ran deep into the bush and came out with 15 burrs in his tail. He didn't like having them removed. 

Saturday: Grammie and the Big Guy and 2 strangers (Lady's aunt and uncle) came for lunch. We loved seeing them, we were so happy. Everyone thought we were wonderful dogs, so it was great. Phod was amazing while being treated for his ear infection.

That was the week we missed you all!