Thursday, April 19, 2018

Wild Thursday - Woodpecker Work

We have a lot of woodpeckers around. The dogs and I often hear them on our morning walks. We also see them around a lot. Lee and I were out exploring the yard, as the snow that was left was not deep and found some handy work at the base of a dead tree. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Trouble Tuesday - Dramatic Re-enactment

The following took place a few weeks ago. The Man was working at home as he had just had his staples removed and was still recovering from surgery. 

The players:

The bird will be played by chicken

The Man will be played by Lady

Hailey will play herself.

The scene:

Hailey kindly alerted the Man that there was something in the chimney. The Man could hear it but could not see it. He placed some food and water in to encourage it to fly down to the base of the chimney.

A while later, the bird flew down into the fireplace. The Man blocked off the top of the stairs so the dogs could not go down. He opened the patio door that is downstairs. He opened the fireplace. The bird did not fly out the open patio. The bird flies upstairs as our house is open concept.

You can see the fireplace to the left, the bird flew from the downstairs up to the dining area

The Man raced upstairs to find Hailey holding the bird in her mouth. 

The Man yelled 'drop it' but that was not happening so the Man opened Hailey's mouth and took the bird out.

The bird appeared injured, but he carried it outside and it flew away. 

The Man called the Lady at work and was like '#@%&*' and the Lady, in her loving and supportive way, laughed so hard she cried. She was laughing so hard, people came to make sure she was ok. 

The next day, when another bird (or maybe the same bird) showed up in the fireplace, the Man locked the dogs in the bathroom where the bird could not get, opened the downstairs and upstairs patio doors and after a few attempts the bird found the open upstairs patio door and left. The Man learned from his first experience (which is not the first time we have had a bird in the chimney. It seems to happen about once a year!)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Training Thursday - Coach Phod

If I put my ball just here . . . .

blurry as this happened mid-workout and Lady was likely dying

you won't be able to do that weird thing you were doing (how you can climb a mountain on the floor is beyond me)

and you can play a much more fun game of move the Precious with me!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

In the cage

Lady laughed over Easter because when Emma was not in the crate Miss Bug would go into it. She laughed because Miss Bug arrived at her home crate trained and in the first month or so destroyed two crates.